About Us

Aspurian Digital are a dynamic and forward-thinking team. We love to be creative and merge this with our love of technology, to deliver marketing campaign’s that put clients at the forefront of their industry.

Working alongside our sister company Aspurian Ltd, who specialise in systems analysis, we have an extremely talented team that design and build applications and platforms for a multitude of uses. Combining this amazing technical resource with our own skills, means that we offer our clients a completely unique service. We often work together on projects, utilising technology that generates results with a high ROI.

Meet the Aspurian Digital team…

The Team

Anya Profile Image


Founder & Creative Director

Anya is our Creative Director and works closely with clients on campaign strategies, websites, branding and design. Anya has been described as a ‘hybrid’ – not just a techy and not just a marketer; but a combination of the two!

Gabrielle Profile Image


Digital Marketing Manager

Gabby has a real passion for social media and works closely with our clients on social media marketing strategies, creating unique and quality rich content, and the general management of accounts. Gabby is our ‘innovator’!

Steven Profile Image


Creative Designer

Steven is our Creative Designer with a real eye for detail. Creating excellent design work using Adobe Creative Suite software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver & InDesign, Steven is the ideal combination of enthusiasm & focus!

Karl Profile Image


CEO, Aspurian Ltd

Karl has over 15 years of experience in commercial business development and technology research.

Ahamed Profile Image


CTO, Aspurian Ltd

Ahamed has extensive experience in multiple technology disciplines, and an honour graduate in computer science.

Mark Profile Image


Technical Support

Mark offers vast knowledge and experience as our lead technical support engineer.

Robin Profile Image


Lead Programmer, Aspurian Ltd

Robin has extensive knowledge of programming and works on a range of solutions for clients.

Farwin Profile Image


Programmer, Aspurian Ltd

Working alongside Robin, Farwin uses his programming skills to deliver a high standard.


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