There’s nothing better than a social media campaign that’s a little different. Something unique that pushes the boundaries. Unfortunately, this is heavily outnumbered by the insanely boring campaigns that many pages run, and it’s mind-numbingly frustrating to see.

I love technology, and I really love it when a company isn’t afraid to be creative. But bad marketing is

Businesses and industry guru’s often use phrases like this:

‘People are the heart of business’
‘People make a business’ and
‘People are your greatest asset.’

These phrases, or some form of them, are used like water. Even I’ve heard them chucked about in team meetings in the past. The problem is, very rarely

At Aspurian Digital, we’re all smiles (and there may have been jumping involved too). Our team found out yesterday (1st October) that we’re finalists in 3 categories at this year’s Milton Keynes Digital Awards!

Of course, we’re delighted that our work has been nominated, not only for us but also for our clients. We’re genuinely over the moon that we’ve

“My advertising doesn’t work…”

“My website sucks!”

“My sales guys don’t follow up on my leads…”

Your marketing strategy isn’t working.

Social media marketing is just one resource of a plethora available, but is one NOT to be ignored.

Social media marketing is important in and of itself BUT it helps with search engine optimisation (SEO) & online reputation management

When it comes to Marketing your business, the idea of a great viral campaign always lights up peoples eyes and has them envisaging how everyone will know about their brand and product, across the world, in days, moments even.

But the stark reality with any marketing is that it’s almost impossible to predict what campaigns will go viral

There’s no doubt, word of mouth marketing is one of the best ways to get recommended. People trust their friends and peers – it gives them confidence in your offering. Many businesses survive purely on word of mouth.

So, as a small business, how can you boost the amount of enquiries you’re receiving? Here are a

If you’re anything like me, you hate it when things start to get monotonous. You’ve had an idea in your head for months, maybe years, and you’re starting to feel that it’s now or never. It’s time to set up your small business venture.

Whether it’s a blog, an online business, setting up an Ebay shop – it’s all possible

You’re thumbing through Facebook or Twitter on your iPhone (other phones are also available) and come across a post you just have to read…

You quickly click the link with excitement because this article is right up your street and is going to blow your mind, you can just tell by the intro…

“The homepage? I didn’t want this..what went


The importance of local internet marketing is huge! For businesses, especially small ones looking to expand their customer base, the idea of targeting the right customers with ads is essential. Good marketing takes time and money, and local marketing can really help grow a business.

A business or company that is local to a specific area

No matter what you do with your personal brand, it’s going to have an attitude. This is not meant in the “his attitude stinks” sense. We’re referring to the unique attitude that you create when you develop a personal brand. So make sure your brands attitude is one that reflects you and your ethos.

The world is full of people and brands trying to